Krewe of Cork®

A good time was had by all at the recent sold out Krewe of Cork luncheon at Emeril’s Delmonico on June 7th

Moving forward we have a few changes and updates for the Krewe.  The King and Royal Coordinator are taking a well earned rest during July and August; hence no luncheons during that time. 

The next luncheon will be on September 5th at Bayona.

I know that everyone is anxious to sign up and celebrate our 20th year anniversary.  It is going to be exciting with 3 Grand Marshal’s.  We will certainly have some good wines to drink.

The Krewe has a great year coming up, unfortunately, there has been a delay for members being able to sign up. I am currently working on setting up a new data base for the Krewe so the initial date for sign up was July 1st may be delayed until August 1st. I will keep you informed  


Friday, September 6th 2019   Bayona

Friday, October 4th, 2019        Café Degas

Friday, December, 6th, 2019    GW Fins

Wednesday, February 12th Grand Marshal Wine Dinner

Thursday, February, 13th Meet and Greet Party

Friday, February, 14th, Parade Day 2020


























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